Worker Centric Job Designer

Production line balancing

Worker Centric Job Designer is a visual software tool to balance production lines and improve workers’ well-being and safety in a fast and simple way. When you balance a line using Worker Centric Job Designer you have full control over operations, parts and tools. With drag & drop operations you can balance lines having an immediate visual feeling about ergonomic risks of each workplace and about the required traits to perform each job in a correct way. A wide range of charts and colored tables makes the Worker Centric Job Designer a visual tool to present results and to compare different scenarios.

Worker Centric Job Designer offers:

  • Production line balancing considering Takt Time and using standard times.
  • Possibility to save video and pictures about manual operations.
  • Basic ergonomic risk assessment of each workplace staffed by a worker.
  • Identification of critical jobs for worker’s safety and well-being.
  • Identification of required workers’ skills and traits to carry out each job.
  • Possibility to import data from different sources and to export results in different formats.

The Worker Centric Job Designer was developed thanks to the European Commission for co-funding a Collaborative Research project under the project number: 609073.