Multi-touch devices

Multi-touch integration with our 3D technologies

Following the recent evolution of multitouch technologies, TTS offers a completely integrated solution suitable to integrate its 3D technologies with advanced interaction devices. TTS' multi-touch offer is composed of a hardware module (a desk or a totem - both suitable for an exhibition stand - or a monitor with a multi-touch hardware and a PC) and of a software module (gesture recognition libraries combined with customized software applications). Thus, it's possible to offer an easy and natural interaction that facilitate the understanding of complex scenarios and products.

To ensure concrete and effective benefits TTS offers a 2 days training course meant to transfer to new adopters all the skills required to fully exploit the purchased solution.

It's also fundamental the possibility to customize the platform: each customer has the chance, directly or supported by the TTS team, to partecipate to the development of an hardware components that meet both the IceCube technical specifications and the customer's marketing requirements: the monitor size can vary (from 32 up to 55 inches) and the table frame is customizable in terms of style, colors and shapes.

To those are looking for a "standard" platform, TTS offers a solution with excellent performances, manufactured together with qualified suppliers and delivered at low costs and in short time.